Monday, May 14, 2012

The United States 2012 Presidential Election

Let me get this straight, I am neither a liberal nor a conservative, nor a libertarian. When I took the „World's Smallest Political Quiz,“ I got 60% for personal issues, and 40% for economic issues. That makes me a „Centrist“ with inclination to the left. I personally more inclined to the right on foreign policy issues, while I agree more with the left on domestic policy issues. So, I think it is not too far fetched to call me an „Independent“.

I am not an American, but I followed the news about their coming election. If I were an American, I definitely would vote for Romney. My reason is not a conventional reason. I am in the opinion that both of them are politicians. Politicians have this tipical habit called „B.S. Promising.“ Since they will broke their promise … I will vote the one who promise to do more horrible things!

C'mon America, you can't call your country „Land of the free“ while denying healthcare and education for the poor. The republican war against „Socialized medicine“ is so immoral and stupid, luckily they choose a politician as their candidate!! I believe Romney will be smart enough to support ObamneyCare, or even expand it. On the other hand, Obama speaks big about protecting freedom, while signing NDAA, and maintain Gitmo ...

So, if you count on their dishonesty, I am pretty sure Romney will win this election.You know you can always count politicians for their dishonesty! So, this is my proposed campaign slogan for Romney:


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