Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Battleship" Review

I have a soft spot for anything naval, but especially big ships with big cannon. That's why I resent the fact that there was no major movie about naval battle. That's why I rejoiced, when I heard the development of this movie. So, is the movie lived up to my expectation?

I agree with most critics that the movie's plot is dumb, nonsensical, etc. I will pointed out what I thought as the 3 most disturbing scenes:
1) As a military aficionado, I was absolutely screaming when I saw the alien spared one single destroyer when they has the chance to sink her. 
2) As an engineer, I was appalled when they show that they managed to turned on a very unused boiler of a museum ship only in few minutes. 
3) As a human being with 3 digit IQ, I laughed hard when I saw that they stored some live ammunition inside a museum ship. 

Really, if you used your brain, you will instantly realized that this is a really stupid movie. My final verdict for this movie: 70/100.

Why so high after I stated that the movie is dumb? These are the reasons:
1) Brooklyn Decker is hot. Good eye candy worth some extra points.
2) Despite the dumbness, the action scenes were still enjoyable. Most important, unlike the other Hasbro movie that involved Michael Bay and some giant robots, I still could follow what happened during the action scene of this movie.
3) Hey, they got some bonus point only because this is a movie about a naval battle! Especially when the climax involved a big, heavily armored ship with big cannon a.k.a., battleship!

I recommend this movie only for anyone who want to see dumb action film, and naval enthusiast.

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