Saturday, October 13, 2012

Praise the Lord!

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I have tons of reasons for losing my faith in Christianity. I already talked about how the Bible is literally wrong about God. I also have written about so many Bible Stories are morally screwed up in comparison with human rights and other 21st century standard. Here is another reason why I left Christianity: the mentality that every single Christian "has to praise God wherever and whenever they are, constantly."


Not even tyrants like Soeharto, Pinochet, etc. make that kind of rules. Yes, they prohibits criticism, but that is not the same with ordering everyone to praise them all the time.  Of course to have vanity is human, but ordering everyone to constantly kissing your buttock?

Hey, I know only ONE person that did that: the supreme leader of North Korea, KIM JONG IL! Remember about a North Korean who gained sight after an eye surgery healed his eyes and his first reaction was praising the Supreme Leader? Remember when the North Korean Government penalized ANYONE who didn't cry during Kim Jong Il's funeral? I don't know about you, but for me this kind of phenomena is CREEPY AS HELL!

What, you think since God is not a mere-mortal so He deserves different standard?

I agree. God deserves HIGHER standard, NOT lower! I heard God is omni-benevolent, He has to live-up to that standard. As far as I know, threatening and ordering people to lick ass IS NOT benevolent.

Oh, and the institution that enforces this sycophantic culture is even creepier. So, so long Christianity, you won't be missed.

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