Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Opinions about Life & Death

The general liberal/leftist opinion on live & death:
"You could terminate life before it was born. Lucky for you, after that, even though you are a mass murderer, child-rapist, genocidal-maniac, you have "the right to live" and nobody can give you death penalty!! Yup. NOBODY!! We don't have the right to attack those who already slaughtering others, because if we attack, we are no different!! After this, all of us could sing Kumbaya around the campfire every night! Yes, all of us, including the serial killer, child molester, and genocidal-maniac, isn't that wonderful?"

The general conservative/rightwing opinion on live & death:

"Life before conception is very holy, nobody could touch it. Once you touch this world ... TOUGH LUCK!! We, the right, love to see death penalty!! The more executions you perform as a public officer, the more applause you got!! See the right-wing crowd reaction to Rick Perry if you doubt this. About foreign policy ... let's blaze ANYONE WHO ARE DIFFERENT THAN US!! They need a good lesson about democracy, human rights, etc, a war is a good start for that!!"

The general psychopath opinion on live & death:

"I am against abortion, but FOR KILLING BABIES!! YEAH, KILL THEM ALL!! I would apply as the "babykiller" instantly if they agree with this. Death penalty? No chance man, one more man toast by the government means one less man to be killed by me! War? When there is none, I will start one, at least locally :)"

The general "holier than thou" opinion on live & death:

"I know God's will exactly, follow my word to know whom we have to kill and whom we have to save. What? You disagree with me? YOU ARE AGAINST GOD, KILL HIM!!"

The general "slave" mentality on live & death:
"I totally agree with my friends/parents/religious leader/politicians/ etc. about abortion, death penalty, war, etc. No, I should not let my own thinking distort me."

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