Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama Care

The Supreme court rule that Obama Care is constitutional!


Hey, I am not an American, why I care about this? Simple, because I still have conscience, and health care is a very fundamental aspect of human's life.

I was really annoyed when I saw conservatives and libertarians repeatedly campaign against "Big government" or "socialism." Hey genius, pure socialism kills, but so does pure capitalism. If you don't believe me, just imagine a world with privatized police force, fire department, and military. Got the picture?

Here is the reason why we still need socialism: there are many things we can't commercialized/regarded as a commodity. Capitalism runs perfectly for commodities, but is a lousy arrangement for non-commodity. I don't believe that many Americans think that human health is something that you can make profit from. Really. I could illustrate it like this:

Imagine that you walked nearby a lake. Suddenly, you hear a scream. There is a man in the lake, gasping! Nearby where you stand, there is a rope and a buoy attached to it for such occasion. Now tell me, is it ethical if you insist that the poor man pay you?

Really, it is like that if you try to monetize/commercialized health care. Of course I don't kid myself. The rope-buoy itself is not free. In health-care case, we still need to pay for the doctor, hospital, medicines, etc. That's why you need some form of taxation to make sure those services were properly paid. Luckily now American has that chance, an Universal-Health-Care similar to the Germany and Switzerland system, where the people with "pre-existing condition" could be insured since everyone share their burden. Thank God for the Obama Care.

Oh yeah, also big thanks to Mitt Romney for the example. Mr. President owe you this one!  We can call it Obamney Care too! Vote for Romney!

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