Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Street Racing


I watched F1 around during the last Schumacher vs Hakinnen years. I never like to play with cars, but my brother is a car junkie, and my father is a mechanical enthusiast. They explained to me how car engine works, and thinks like relation between exhaust and efficiency. Heck, my brother even explain the basic theory of “How to Drag Race like a pro.” Really, I have nothing against fast car racing against another race car. I have nothing against car enthusiast that modify their car to increase their performance. I salute all F1, rally, and NASCAR racer as skillful and professional worker.

But street racing is totally another story. These assholes modify their cheap cars to let them run faster than their original limit. Why? For what purpose? Basically they want to show off in front of other assholes. To run their car in public roads. To feel the adrenaline when in high speed AND under high-speed chase from the police.

What are these idiots think inside their rotten brain? I am sure it is not too far from:  
1) To hell with the government who has built and now maintain the road. To hell with the people whose tax money were used to build an maintain the road.
"Thank you to built us the road, now we show our gratitude by damaging the road asphalt with drifting, and other high powered action, AND denying the use of it by another users." Selfish and ungrateful assholes ...

2) Endangering life is cool!!
Not satisfied with endangering other road users, they even endanger themselves by not wearing helmet and firesuits or providing Roll Cage and self sealing Fuel tanks. I have some advice for  these assholes: “If you like so much endangering your life, why don't you play Russian Roulette inside your miserable bedroom and spare us, sane people, the problem?”  Of course they won't accept this advice since they are assholes who never give a shit about others AND I suspect that giving other people problem is part of the "coolness."

3) Those people who dislike streetracing are lame and boring!
What? Now you are saying that "coolness" suddenly validate immoral acts? Hey, let's put it in this way, I am sure a serial killer's, a rapist', a mass murderer's, Hitler's, and Pol Pot's lifes are far from boring but ...

Lucky for us, many police don't turn a blind eye to these jerks. The Australian cops for example, regulate all cars heavily, e.g by prohibiting anyone from installing NOS. Totally agree with that regulation. Hopefully other cops come into their sense and adopt this rule, and get rid of these pests from the public road. 

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