Friday, July 20, 2012

Rampant Stupidities 2

This is the continuation of my Rampant Stupidities article. Enjoy it!

Chain e-mail/letter/facebook post
You know this stupidity. Even before e-mail exists, sometimes you got a letter that ended with:
"Send this mail to all your friends to receive all the luck and blessing on earth! People who refuse to send it will suffer, and die horribly!"

You know what, I already receive hundreds of it, and never re-send any of those letters. Whatever kind of demon or curse or power that should murder anyone who ignore this letter/e-mail, definitely are too weak to kill me. Since you and I has the same blood, bones, skins, and muscles, PLUS I never ask for protection/blessing from any deity, I am 100% sure those demons are also too weak to harm you.

But that is not all! Today's chain e-mail/facebook post become more sophisticated, now they also rely on the power of computer virus and facebook stupid policies! Yup, they repeatedly send a virus warning, an announcement that facebook gonna erase your account, and so on.

Oh my holy Quetzacoatl ... people really fall for this?? REALLY?!

Correction, it is not really new. It is actually already old since the one who reacted correctly to all of this nonsense is the renown critic Roger Ebert in December 1996! He formulate the Boulder Pledge in "Yahoo! Internet Life":

"Under no circumstances will I ever purchase anything offered to me as the result of an unsolicited e-mail message. Nor will I forward chainletters, petitions, mass mailings, or virus warnings to large numbers of others. This is my contribution to the survival of the online community."

And you know what, today is July 2012, and I am sure millions of internet user never heard this pledge, or think to the same direction. With millions of toddlers and teenagers nowadays use their blackberrys, iPhones, and Android Phones to send ANYTHING they came across to their entire contact list, just be pretty sure that you will get millions of junkmail, chain letters, useless Blackberry Broadcast Messages, etc.!

Please help the internet by became a lazy person and don't send those junks. Is it that hard to be lazy? Please. In this case, LAZYNESS is really the key to stop this stupidity.

I am still baffled why people believe that the date of their birth could determine their personality. And I am appalled by the fact that they also think it could effect their futre, like their financial situation in the next month. Seriously?

And no, I am not limiting myself into the Greek/Roman astrology which based their astrological characters on different months, I also speak about Chinese astrology that based the grouping on different Chinese years. I am sure there are different kind of astrology, but you got the picture: thinking that some stars, moons, and planets effect you differently according to your date of birth.

Phil Lait, from "Bad Astronomy" website, already wrote an excellent piece about why the foundation of astrology, a.k.a "the power of the celestial objects that effect your future" is just a nonsense. Astrologers are basically just b.s. artists who used cold reading, shotgunning, confirmation bias, and many other psychological tricks to look accurate. Ah yeah, they also demand tons of money from their customers.

And don't tell me astrology is just a harmless fun! No it is not. It is not only about the money. It is a label, another type of grouping, of identity. Your identity determine who you are and what you do! It could be and it has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, despite its nonsensical nature, it can effect your life! Nancy Reagan, for example, managed her husband's schedule with astrology! Are you freakin kiddin me? No, that is a well-known fact, not fiction. Oh, if that is too "ivory tower" for you, how about this: many Chinese postponed their pregnancy to make sure they were born "in the year of the dragon" since "dragon" is one of the "big animals" in chinese Astrology. Oh yeah, many Chinese also use astrology as one criteria when they choose their spouse. Can you believe that? The most important decision of your life based on nonsense? Oh my Quetzacoatl-born from Elvis crack-during the the last king of Mordor, why so many people took astrology seriously?

Oh, because so many people thought that astrology is just fun and nobody call them stupid everytime they do that openly! That's why.

From here
I never smoke. The closest thing to smoke that I have done is consuming some "tobacco tasted candy." It tasted horrible. I am sure every single first cigarette for any smoker also tastes at least that horrible, since cigarette smoke already tastes that bad. How come you still smokes after that? How can you smoke your second cigarette? Most smokers essentially answer that question with 2 words: "Peer pressure."


Even the hellish taste of a cigarette could be suppressed by peer pressure? Is it that hard to resist peer pressure? Is the willingness to be accepted by your peers trumped common sense like "Don't inject poison to your lung" or "Don't pay to get hurt"?

How can we help those smokers? Simple, by refusing a kiss from them, by prohibiting smoking inside the building, by refusing to help them acquire it etc. It is called "tough love." Most of the smokers know that smoking is a very destructive habit, by they are just too addicted to stop. Non-smokers can help them by making it more difficult to smoke. Time to give another "peer-pressure" to make them stop.

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