Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My 10 Commandments

This is my personal 10 commandments:

1) Genocide is evil
Seriously, why this one is never mentioned by any Abarahamic religion? Oh yeah, because God repeatedly perform and order genocides. Noah's flood, Sodom & Gomorrah, the Amalekites, the Midianes, the Philistines, etc. They all deserved to die!

2) Worship/don't worship whomever you want
Why the hell "religious freedom" is never mentioned either? Oh yeah, same with above, because God repeatedly order the slaughter of other religion followers, and the destruction of His "competitor's" temple.

3) The main point of education is how to think, NOT what to memorize 
A thinking person will know what kind of knowledge they need. A knowledgable people without the ability to think won't be of much use.

4) Open yourself to criticism & judgment
Face it. You are not infallible. You are only a mere mortal who can make very stupid mistakes. Let other criticize, scrutinize, and judge you. This is the basic, most fundamental novelty of democracy. Everyone criticize everybody. Whenever you see anyone who suddenly said his words will never ever false, watch out! They are God wannabe. They are addicted to power or money or prestige or all of them. See commandments #8 for further detail.

5) Trust is very important!
Keep your oath & promise, tell the truth! Also, automatically: don't make/take impossible promise or oath. Other than oath & promise, lying will also undermines trust. 

6) Respect the nature
Hey, you live on planet earth. If you screwed it, you are screwed too.

7) Other people's sexlife is NONE of my business, with exception to paedophilia & rape. Those 2 were prohibited.
Yup, you don't have the right to control other people's sexlife. Paedophilia is still wrong because a child doesn't have any clue about it, so it is basically an exploitation. Rape is wrong because it basically the violation of other people's sexlife. I don't put bestiality, necrophilia, or any other "deranged" sexual act since they actually harm nobody per se. How about incest? Hey, nobody needs to be told about that, right? We have the "Westermack effect" to avoid that. In any case of violation, it is still none of my business.

8) Always remember that money, power, and prestige are tools to achieve something.
Only a fool used "Tools collection" as their purpose of life. Nevertheless, since so many people forget/don't know that those 3 things are tools, I think I need to remind all of you.

9) Do not kill!
I put this commandment at the near-bottom because I am never a big fan of the abolition of capital punishment. There are many exception of this rule. It sucks, but, what can I say other than c'est la vie, we live in an imperfect world.

10) Slavery is evil
Nobody do slavery anymore. But it is amazing since only Zoroastrianism prohibits it outright, while other religions taken it for granted. I put this in the commandment only to remind you all that most religions are very backward morally.

So, did I miss anything?

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