Sunday, July 1, 2012

God Bless America Review


I just finish watching "God Bless America."

What a watch!

This is the most politically incorrect movie I have ever watch. Profanity, graphic violence, outright brutality, this movie got them all! But wait! That is not the pinnacle of the "political incorrectness" of this movie! The pinnacle is, the insults to both the left and the right! Yup, you read it right, I think this movie insult both the right and the left. I will come back to this point later. First, I want to give you a quick summary about the movie.

It is a movie about a man, named Frank Murdoch who is pissed off by the current American society. He was pissed off by the rudeness, the shallowness, the stupidity, the fear-mongering, the lack of decency, and many other aspect of modern Americans. Even his own daughter reflected everything he hates in modern America. He is a man who despised his society, trying to be nicer, to be above his screwed up society. Unfortunately, his kindness to the receptionist in his office was misunderstood. He lost his job because of this. The last straw is the news from his indifferent foul-mouthed physician who informed him that he got a terminal and inoperable brain tumor. That's it, life was too sucks to be continued. He tried to kill himself ... but suddenly he got an epiphany when he remembered a spoiled teenager who starred in her own reality show threw a tantrum during her show. He thought that the world won't miss that brat.

Despite his clumsiness, he finally killed the spoiled brat ... only to be witnessed by her schoolmate who thought "That is the best thing that happens in my life!" That schoolmate introduced herself as "Roxy." She convinced the suicidal Frank by telling him that there are so many worthless humans who are deserved to die, so he killed the wrong man if he took his own life. Most part of this movie happened after that "epiphany," portraying Frank & Roxy killing spree.

Now, let's get back to the political incorrectness of this movie: the insult to the right and the left.

The insult to the conservative-right-wingers is straightforward. The movie portrayed many from the right (Tea Party demonstrators, right-wing pundits, etc) unsympathetically, by showing their inconsideration, their fear-mongering, their rudeness, etc. The movie also showed their slaughter in Frank's and Roxy's hands. That's why so many people mistakenly judged this movie as a pro-liberal propaganda.

The insult to the left come in far more subtle and clever way: in form of the character Roxy. She is a true liberal-left-winger who believed that this world will be better if many of the vocal right-winger just drop dead. She is the one who inspired Frank to start the killing spree. She also stated it clearly during the funniest scene of this movie: the murder of the right-wing pundit. Although Frank agree with some of the pundit's political rant, he still shot the pundit because he was so mean. On the other hand, Roxy shot him because she hates his political opinion. Then this dialog (not verbatim) occurred :

Roxy: Seriously? Which part of his political opinion you agree with?
Frank: Less gun control of course!
Roxy: But Frank, then evey nut would have a gun!

That's right, this movie actually portrayed a left-winger as a psychotic-naive-hypocritical girl! Oh yeah, Roxy also DEFINITELY sexually attracted to Frank, while Frank's decency made sure he never going anywhere near the line. And the funny thing is, when I visit imdb forum page of this movie, I don't see any liberal saying "This is an insult to the left. We disagree with the right but making a movie about their massacre is just wrong!" I suspect many liberals got some Schadenfreude watching the massacre. Some even went further. Some of them defend the slaughters. Can you imagine that? Liberals defend some psychotic murderers who used gun-violence to solve their problem? Wow ... this movie even generate ironic moments outside itself!

In essence, this movie criticizes the degradation of American society, the right, and the left mercilessly, and cleverly. Then, it provokes the left to defend their hypocrisy. It is dark, ironic comedy at its best. That's what make me laugh so hard during and after watching it. That's what make me love it so much. 

Final verdict : 90 out of 100. But don't watch it if dark humor and graphic violence offends you.

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