Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Hate Pirates

The notorious Blackbeard in his last fight
Really, I hate them. Not only the pirates, I also hate people who glorify pirates. Many people thought Pirate is cool. The only thing that stop me from smacking their face is, I give them a benefit of doubt. I know many people only know pirate as "those cool guys with eye patch, parrot, and skull flag!"

History lessons about pirates, there are 5 major pirates "golden ages": The Cyllician Pirates of the East Mediterranean during the last year of Roman Republic, the Wakou pirates from Japan during the Sengoku and Ming Dynasty, the Barbary Corsairs from Tunisia-Libya-Aljazair in 16th - 19th century, the Caribbean Pirates in 16th - 19th century too, and lastly of course the current Somali pirates from Somalia.

So, what is the similarity between all of them? Let's see ...

  1. All of them rob, kidnap, and rape people on the sea.
  2. All of them pillage every reachable coastal settlement.
  3. The first 4 very actively involve with slavery. I am not surprised if the Somali pirates have the same hobby too.
  4. The first 4 ended after some governments decided they have enough with them and finally kicked their ass, not only on the sea, but also on their hometown. The Somali pirates still run rampant because today's governments are too afraid to be called imperialist, so they only busted the pirate's ass on the sea.

Not very cool right? Especially for non-psychopath and non-sadist. 

Hey people, if you glorify the pirate age, you glorify all of their barbarities! It is not about "bad taste" it is about glorifying wrong things. Just think for awhile, what is the consequence if we glorify the holocaust. Ah yeah, we suddenly become a hero for the neo-nazi and salafist-wahabist. Bad example.

That is the only thing that bugs me from one of today's most popular anime/manga: ONE PIECE. Hey Lufffy/Ruffy, you are not a pirate. You are an adventurer! if you really are a pirate, start pillaging, throwing people from a plank, chaining people and sold them to slavery instead of helping them! If you really plan to be a pirate king, start pillaging and chaining MILLIONS of people! That is what a pirate do, anything as long as they got money and rum! They don't get all that treasures from honest trade, they got it after killing or selling people.

I am sure some people will say I can't hate anyone, hate is bad, bla bla bla. Bull!! To hate is human. Hate acts like a brake for a human, to stop that human from something. Like it or not, we need a brake. I hate to see innocent people robbed, killed, raped, and plundered by some douche from the sea, and I hate people who love to glorify those douche.

It is not hate that is bad, or wrong. It is hating some bullshit like different skin color, different gender, etc that is wrong.

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