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Peace and War

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Everybody doesn't want war. Who does? War is horrible, people kills and maims each other. If war is a tree, an arm race could be its seed.  We already know basically World War I was avoidable, but the arm race at that time hindered peace process. So, what can we do to create world peace? Start singing Kumbaya together and throw away all your weapons? Declaring that "we love peace" and dismiss our military? Now you have gone too far. 

Some wars are better than some peace
We have gone too far by saying "The worst peace is still better than war."

Yeah right.

Tell that with a straight face to the Jews who were humiliated, harassed, and deported between the rise of the Nazi party until the beginning of the second world war. 

Tell that while seeing the eyes of the Tutsi people in Rwanda who were exterminated by the Hutu militias and troops.

Tell that nonchalantly to the Bosnian Moslems who were slaughtered by the Serbs before NATO helped them.

I could go on but I am sure you got the point. "Peace" only means "Condition which war is not chosen." It is not always "Everybody live happily in perfect harmony, and singing Kumbaya together around the campfire every night." Not every kind of "peace" is desirable. Slavery is one form of peace. So does genocide. The peace of the enslaved, and the peace of the dead. But still a peace! I will choose war anytime over those peace.

There is also another fact about war. Consider these 2 quotes:
"It is not that they love peace less, but they love their kind of peace more"
-- Saint Augustine

"You can always keep the peace if you are willing to pay the asking price; and it is a matter of high strategic decision whether the price demanded is worse  than refusal with its risk of war." 
-- Samuel Elliot Morrison

That means war is a risk. Nobody sane want to pursue a risk. At the same time, only a fool doesn't want to prepare themselves for a risk and declare it to the whole world. Only a naive-fool think that everybody love the current peace.

World Peace
So what can hinder any effort from anyone to start a war without hindering our readiness to defend ourself?

Fareed Zakaria, Penn & Teller, and many other people said globalization and free-market will make everycountry a stakeholder in world peace. 

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but World War I happened DESPITE the fact that everyone was a stakeholder in world peace at that time! And World War I indeed destroyed world economy, which can't recover until some years after the World War II. You think our politicians will learn from this stupidity? 

Yeah right. What next, you will say our politicians have heart?

So, globalization was not enough to stop a world war, and won't be enough too in modern world due to our dirty-stinkin-stupid politicians, what else do we have?

I propose these 2 policies to EVERY COUNTRY in the world:
1) Introduction of military conscription
2) Introduction of liberal democracy

The more countries adopt both policies, the less the risk of future war.

Only some participants in World War I had both of them at the same time. Why we need both of them? Simple, because both of them forced EVERYONE in the country, from the poor to the rich, from the powerless to the politicians, to have a stake in peace.

With military conscription, but without democracy, the government can drafted anyone as they please, and excluding anyone they like. Oh yeah, since a non-democracy is almost always ruled by gangster like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Mussolini, and so on, they also most likely to attack anyone when they got a chance. 

With democracy, without conscription, we got today's America where the left are stupid peaceniks and the right are warrior wannabe rednecks; where the poor were send to their death, the middle class spitting on the military, and the rich reaped the spoil of war; where most of the country's population are ignorant of the war conducted by their government, etc.

With BOTH conscription and democracy we can ensure that every group in the country participated physically and financially in any war. That way any country will be VERY careful to choose their war. That way any citizen will scrutinize EVERYTHING about the war: the reason, the conduct, the end, every aspect of the war.

This policies were done by Western Europe after the 2nd World War until today. See how peaceful this region is until today? Compare that to Europe BEFORE that time. Compare that to other part of the world ANYTIME. Remember the last time when USA had military conscription? That's right, the Vietnam war! Definitely Americans of that time care more for the war. Politicians finally had enough, and they get rid of the conscription to make sure future war could be fight with less resistance from the people.

So hippies, leftists, and peaceniks, for your information, we always give peace chances. It is your turn to give war a chance. To be more precise, give "preparation of war" a chance. To be even more precise: give military conscription and democracy a chance.   Or to go further, give "war to topple dictators" a chance, don't whine when some sociopath like Saddam Hussein was kicked out of office, he was a typical impediment for an IDEAL world peace.

What's that? You still want to spit on the military and oppose all kind of weapons? You still want to argue that conscription is evil per se? Tell you what, just packed all your things, join with your like-minded friends, and build a new country without any military. Let see what you will do when someone decided to invade and loot that new country of yours, my guess you will cry and whine like a baby, asking the UN, or NATO, or the US or China or Russia or anyone else who have warships, tanks, and fighter jets to defend you. In short, you are only a free-loader parasite, you want to enjoy security while calling the security guards "baby killer."

In essence, "Si vis pacem parabellum", if you want some peace, be prepared for war.

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