Monday, December 24, 2012

Gun Control Won't Work!

Give me more PLEASE! MORE!
After hearing the arguments from the NRA, I think this is basically their idea:

Premise #1: "Gun control won't work because bad people will always get guns." 

Then they continue:

Premise #2: "Hence the only thing that can stop bad people with guns is good people with guns."

Hey, let me use their logic AGAINST THEM:

"Arm guards won't work. The bad people will just kill the guards first before killing everyone else. On top of that, he can used the deceased guard's gun."

See? Therefore arm guards are useless! But no, they won't accept this argument. They will keep proposing the idea to put more guns.

Just listen to the conversation between CBS and the president of the NRA. The president keep spouting on "people who conspire to piss on the 2nd amendment." The safety of the children is their #1 priority ... as long as the solution is MORE GUNS BABY! Tell you what,  their ACTUAL top priority is "making more people buy more guns!"  On the sidelines, the world can crash and burn as far as they concern. No, sorry, that is not entirely true. They actually will SEIZE the "crash and burn" as an evidence that WE NEED MORE GUNS! Sick, sick, sick!

In essence, the NRA argue against gun control with PESSIMISM. 
At the same time, they argue for turning every single place in the US into OK Corral with OPTIMISM.
They refuse to admit in many cases, gun control law makes it harder to obtain firearms, and monsters were forced to use knife or any other less-deadly weapon. In China for example, a piece of trash attack a local school with knife, injuring 22 students. None were killed. Imagine what will happen if the Chinese love their guns like the Americans. But no, they only buried their head while keep repeating the 2 premises that I put in the beginning.  No wonder, John Howard, an Australian conservative prime minister once said something like "We don't want to import American gun disease!" That means "right vs left" or "Conservative vs Liberal" is not the issue here. The issue is between gun fetish vs healthy society.

So ... why the NRA acted like this? Simple. It is hard to say no if your paycheck is based on how many times you say YES! NRA got its money and power from gun-nuts. Of course they won't say no to them. They are not extreme right or extreme left, they are just greedy and exploit Americans with gun-complex. Understandable, but not acceptable, since saying NO to those gun-nuts can actually save lives.

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