Thursday, December 20, 2012

Amazing Quotes 27: The No Asshole Rule

There are few books that can be recommended to EVERYONE, regardless of their age, profession, interests, etc. This is one of them: The No Asshole Rule from Robert I. Sutton. The thesis of the book is simple: asshole(s) are destructive, NO MATTER how stellar their performance is. Here are some quotes from this superb book: 

The effects of assholes are so devastating because they sap people of their energy and esteem mostly through the accumulated effects of small, demeaning acts, not so much through one or two dramatic episodes.
-- page 29

Assholes don't just damage the immediate targets of their abuse. Coworkers, family members, or friends who watch--or just hear about--these ugly incidents suffer ripple effects.
-- page 31

For most of my professional carrer I have been telling anyone who would listen that I can work with jus about every type of person with one glaring exception--assholes. 
-- Roderick C. Hare, CEO of Mission Ridge Capital, page 58

It also turned out that firing this selfish and difficult "superstar" had financial benefits, as the total sales volume in the store increased nearly 30% after he left. No Single salesperson sold as much as the departed "star," but the store as a whole did better.
-- page 67

In the US and other Western countries, we are always pressing to create bigger differences among winners, also-rans, and losers, but if you want to have fewer assholes --and better organizational performances--reducing the differences between the highest- and lowest-status members of your organization is the way to go.
-- page 77

... conflict is constructive when people argue over ideas rather than personality or relationship issues ...
-- page 82

... to keep your inner asshole from getting out, you need to be aware of places and people that will turn you into an asshole.
-- page 118

So what are you waiting for? Buy this book, since it will help your company AND the whole world at the same time!

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